Science and the Bible Part-1

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 Science changes

              In 1805, the eminent scientist John Dalton postulated that the atoms, the smallest particles of an element, are indivisible, as implied by the word itself. (Tom means divisible and atom means indivisible). The Bible says-” ...the elements shall melt with fervent heat” (II Peter 3:10). When another great scientist Fermi successfully conducted the nuclear explosion (fission) for the first time, John Dalton was proved to be wrong and the Bible to be true. In the course of time, and at different stages of  growth of science, the Bible seemed to contradict with science. But the later developments in science, proved beyond doubt, that the Bible verses are one hundred percent true.
                    Scientists of earlier centuries believed that the sun is moving around the earth which remains stationary. Later developments in science proved that the earth is moving around the sun which is moving at a speed of 250 kilometers in a second in the galaxy. At that stage a question arose – whether or not the Bible is true in this aspect? The latest developments in science (Mechanics) say that the motion and rest are relative. i.e. the motion and rest can be explained only with reference to a fixed point, called the frame of reference. Modern science says – “A body is said to be in motion if it changes its position with respect to its surroundings. A body is said to be at rest if it does not change its position with respect to its surroundings. The point about which the rest and motion are explained is called the frame of reference. If nothing is mentioned, the earth should be taken as the frame of reference.” This is exactly in agreement with the Bible in which all motions are explained with reference to the earth. We can infer that the Bible verses are always true. If any deviation from it is observed in the course of development in science, it will gradually change and finally come to agree with the Bible.
The Bible has not yet got its due recognition
                       If we closely observe all walks of human life, we can see that the Biblical truths and principles are widely applied in all disciplines of life. In organizations, medical science, psychiatry, industry, trade, commerce sports etc. many Biblical principles are widely used, with maximum efficacy by many successful people. Many basic principles of psychiatric counseling, counselling for de-addictions, principles behind the treatment psychosomatic diseases, the idea of competing with oneself for constant self betterment etc. are examples. The ideas behind many famous quotations by great men are found in the Bible. Many people use these principles without knowing that their real source is the Bible and hence due recognition is not given to it. I learned only very little. As a science student when I look into the Bible, I am really amazed to see the accuracy with which many scientific truths are revealed in it.
                        I am least bothered about the recognition of the Bible; but am pained to see the heavy loss to the mankind just due to this non-recognition. For instance consider the lack of knowledge led to the death of George Washington, the founder President of U. S. A..He fell ill on 12thDecember 1799 i.e.  About 215 years ago. The modern medical science of that age believed that sickness was due to impurity of blood and it could be cured if  the patient was bled from  his vein. *History says that he was bled four times since then and finally dead of anemia on 14th December,1799. The book of Leviticus one of the Bible books, considered to be written before 3500 years, explicitly states that the life exists in blood.(Leviticus 17:14). If the medical science gave due recognition to this Bible verse it deserved,  the  untimely death of this great President could have been averted                  I do really hope that learned scholars will read the Bible as commanded by its author, the Holy Spirit, so that many precious principles useful in all walks of life are found out, and are efficaciously applied in life.

*The Death of George Washington (Digital Encyclopedia of George Washington)

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