Science and the Bible Part II-Reverse movement of time

“But do not ignore this one fact, beloved , that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day”(II Peter 3:8)
“Behold God is great, and we know Him not, the number of His years is unsearchable” (Job 36:26).
This Bible verse teaches us the limitation of time. Before God, man’s one day is equivalent to a thousand years. Also, man’s a thousand years is equivalent to one day. Here we see the ‘compressibility’ and ‘extensibility’ of time. I . e. Time moves backward as well as forward. Before my Saviour and the Lord of all, Jesus Christ, who is ‘Alpha and Omega’ (Revelation 21:6), Time moves forward, backward; (Isaiah 38:8) and stops (Revelation 21:6).
Time is comprehensible, if space is sufficiently large. Let us examine an axiom.
Consider 6 men, viz. A, B, C, D, E and F are arranged to stand on a straight line in East-West direction, as shown in the following diagram. The distance between each of them is one light second; i.e. the distance travelled by light in one second or 300000 kilometre).The experiment starts at 10.00.00 A.M(i.e. 10 hours,00 minute, and 00 seconds).
The men, B, C, D, E and F are looking in the direction of A.
Consider that ‘A’ turns to East at 10.00.00 hrs. After one second, he turns to West .i.e. ‘A’ turns to west at 10.00.01 hrs.
Light rays falling on the face of the face of A gets partially reflected and begins to travel towards east, when he turned to east at 10.00.00 AM.As ‘B’ is located at a distance of one light second(3,00,000 km),these light rays reach B after one second. i.e. B will see A at 10.00.01 hrs. Similarly these light rays reach C after 2 seconds and C will see A at 10.00.02 hrs. Similarly D and E will see him at 10.00.03 hrs and 10.00.04 hrs respectively. ’A’ had turned towards the west only then. As the distance between A and F is one light second (3, 00,000 km), F will see A one second after 10.00.01 hrs. i.e. F will see A at 10.00.02 hrs.
Consider, at the end of experiment, the men B, C, D and E meet F one by one and compare their observations.
The experimental fact is that A turns to the East at 10.00.00 hrs and he turns to the west at 10.00.01 hrs. i. e. A turns to the West one second after he turns to the East.

F sees at 10.00.02 hr and B at 10.00.01 hrs
A turns to west 1 second after turning to east.
F sees at 10.00.02 hrs and C at 10.00.02 hrs
A has turned to the east and the west simultaneously or A has two faces or the fact  is altered.
F sees A at 10.00.02 hrs and D at 10.00.03 hrs
A turns to the West 1 second before he turns to the East or the fact is reversed.
F sees at 10.00.02 hrs and E at 10.00.04 hrs
A turns to the West 2 seconds before he turns to the East or the fact is reversed.

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